Assignment Code: A297

Tuition Assignment East/Online: (A297)
– JC Year 2 H2 Geography tutor needed for student living in the Tampines MRT area
– Start ASAP
– Once a week, 1.5 hours each session. $50/hr (the actual rate will depend on the tutor’s experience, academic qualifications, and tutoring track record)
– The client prefers lessons to be on Weekdays after 3 pm, Saturdays at any time or Sundays after 3 pm (please let us know your preference so that the student can decide if that is possible)
– Commission Structure: First 1.5 lessons
– The client is a private candidate and is OK with lessons being held in-person or online


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The client requires this information in order to proceed:

  1. Number of years you taught JC Year 2 H2 Geography (peer tutoring/private tuition/tuition centre):
  2. Names of schools that your JC Year 2 H2 Geography students attended/are attending:

Example of a successful tuition application

  1. Number of years you taught P6 English (peer tutoring/private tuition/tuition centre) – the client requires a tutor who is familiar with the syllabus and exam marking schemes of PSLE English, and who is able to help the student’s grades improve. Importantly, she wants to select a tutor who can help the student achieve AL1, so please let us know your experience in helping your students achieve higher grades. The student needs guidance in compo and oral: About 80% of my students who are already scoring A have achieved A* for their PSLE. I was a contract teacher at 2 MOE schools for 3 years, and had taught at one of Singapore’s leading tuition centres for 5 years. I am familiar with how English is taught at the top schools, as well as in the average schools, and how these methods are successful (or not) in helping their students achieve much better grades
  2. MOE schools you taught at / if you are NIE-trained / full-time tutor: Full-time tutor for the past 15 years
  3. Names of schools that your P6 English students attended/are attending: Tao Nan, MGS Primary, Kong Hwa School, Red Swastika
  4. Name of schools and universities you graduated from, and what is/was your major: NUS, Bachelor’s, English and English Literature (2nd Upper Honours)
  5. What types of grade improvements of at least 2 of your students: Red Swastika (C to B), Kong Hwa (A to A*), MGS Primary (A to A*), Tao Nan (B to A)
  6. Any other information you can give to us to include in the profile that we will show to the client. Clients usually choose tutors who elaborate and clearly describe their tutoring and academic achievements. Please help us to be able to write a great profile of you 🙂 Many thanks!: I am very patient and teach according to the student’s ability. I tailor every lesson according to the student’s weak areas, so that after every lesson, there is some improvement in the areas that he or she finds challenging. We also do creative writing for a bit of fun, and practice on worksheets in order to get the fundamentals right
  7. Assignment code: A297

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