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Tuition Assignments Singapore is committed to helping our tutors to get the best tuition assignments all over Singapore. So be sure to register as a tutor with us!

How to register as a tutor for Tuition Assignments Singapore

Step 1

Fill up the Tutor Registration form to register as a tutor with us

It takes just 5 minutes to register as a tutor, and you can start receiving the most and best Singapore home tuition assignments.

Step 2

Check your email daily

Look out for an email from us. We will contact you through email if you are eligible for any of our many tutor assignments (be sure you check your email spam folder just in case!). After the client has selected your application for the assignment, we will contact you through WhatsApp. 

Step 3

Accept the rate, day/timing, and start date

Once you are contacted by our tuition coordinators, please confirm the date and time of your lessons. Your first lesson can start as early as tomorrow!

Fill up this form to register as a tutor with Tuition Assignments Singapore!

The assignment code is at the top of the listing you found this job at. ex. B4.2610201
Where else are you able to teach eg Jurong West, Tampines
Ex. NTU, Bachelor’s, School Of Medicine (2nd Upper Honours)
Ex. Red Swastika (C to B), Kong Hwa (A to A*), MGS Primary (A to A*), Tao Nan (B to A)
Any other information you can give to us to include in the profile that we will show to the client. Clients usually choose tutors who elaborate and clearly describe their tutoring and academic achievements. Please help us to be able to write a great profile of you 🙂 Many thanks!:

Frequently asked questions about how to register as a tutor with Tuition Assignments Singapore

Hello there! Thank you for coming to our website. We will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding how to register as a tutor this section of our article.

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Full – Time Tutor

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$25 to $35/hr

$35 to $50/hr

$50 to $60/hr

We have over 100+ of the best tuition jobs and tuition assignments all over Singapore and the jobs are always updated. So its always best for tutors to register with us!

Yes! Tuition Assignments Singapore is dedicated to helping our tutors to register as a tutor for any assignment they are interested in, even if their preference is to teach only online lessons. We have many different tuition jobs meant for in-person and online, so there is no need to worry!

Yes! Here at Tuition Assignments Singapore, we are dedicated to helping our tutors as such we made it as easy as filling up our form to start receiving assignments that they are eligible for through email!

We work together with many different tuition agencies all over Singapore to make sure that we always have new tuition and good assignments ready for our tutors to choose from. We are currently working with 25 other tuition agencies in Singapore but we are hoping to work with even more tuition agencies all over Singapore.

Yes, we do! We have many  Telegram channels for you to join. We have one Main Telegram Channel, an Online Telegram Tuition Assignments only, and plenty of subject-specific assignments here!

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