How to book a Gojek and why GoJek is amazing! 2020

How to book a Gojek and why GoJek is Amazing!

In this guide we will be explaining how to book a GoJek and why we like GoJek so much!

How to book a Gojek

In this section, we will be going through how to book a GoJek!

Latest Tuition Assignments How to book a GoJek

Here is our video on how to book a GoJek! (coming soon)

If the video is not clear enough please feel free to look below this video to see our full extensive guide on how to book a GoJek

Full Guide On How To Book A GoJek

  1. Download the GoJek App from this link if you are using Android or this link if you are using IOS
  2. Open the Gojek App and make sure to turn on your location before opening the app (So that GoJek will know your location in order to pick you up)
  3. Select your destination by pressing the “Search” button at the bottom of your screen when you first open the app. Then, select the exact place you would like to go to (Example: Marina Bay Sands)
  4. Select the pick up point. It is best to choose a place nearer to where you currently are. Or select the “Suggested Location” function if that is more convenient.
  5. Press “Next” after selecting the pick up point.
  6. GoJek will now show the fare for your ride. You are able to change your payment options by selecting the icon under “GoCar” that is located at the three white dots in a small gray bubble at the right.
  7. Currently, the options for payment for a Gojek ride is through the use of a Debit/Credit Card, PayLah! or cash. Please select which ever is more convenient for you. (You are also able to add a credit or debit card if you have yet to do so by selecting the “Add Methods” credit or debit card button)
  8. Next, select “Order GoCar”, and wait for your GoCar to arrive. There will be a timer and live update to show how far/near the driver is
  9. Before entering the GoJek car, please make sure to check for the correct license number (the license number of the car and the car model should be shown at the bottom of your app). If possible, confirm with the car driver of the location you are going to so that you can both make sure that you are in the correct car.

Why GoJek is Amazing!

In this section, we will be going through why do we love GoJek!

GoJek Is Cheaper

GoJek is cheaper than its competitors especially during rush hour. As the time of writing. GoJek is only $8.10 for a ride while its competitors range from $9 to $13.50 for the exact same destination and pick up point!

Discounts Are Auto Applied

The awesome thing about GoJek is that promo codes and discounts in your account are applied automatically right before you book your ride!

Pets Are Allowed

Depending on your driver. Pets are allowed! But be sure to ask your drivers first before you get into the car

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